Kopf des Unternehmens

Avdashkevich Igor Aleksandrovich


Forsttechnik und Ausrüstung
Sonstige Erzeugnisse aus Holz, Forsttechnik und Ausrüstung, Ausrüstung und Werkzeuge für die Holzbearbeitung, Händler, Importeure, дитрибуторы Ausrüstung, Der Verkauf von gebrauchten Maschinen, Die Hersteller von Zubehör und Zap, Wartung und Reparatur, Mehr


Russia 192171
Sankt-Peterburg, North-West, 57, Sedova str.

Anzahl der Mitarbeiter
von 1 bis 10 mitarbeiter

The company "ABC-Techno" (ABC-Techno Co.Ltd) provides the best maximum range of services and activities, ranging from the supply timber and reforestation machines to perform construction work on the creation of woodworking plants of any complexity and any size. On the basis of the enterprise has its own warehouse, customer service, repair-mechanical framework, design department, and much more - all that is necessary to ensure that any customer's needs.

The company "ABC-Tech" was founded in 2010. based production company of "BALTKOTLOMASH" which is directly related to the creation of ideologically different companies in the market timber and wood - of "ABC-Techno", and experience of employees in the forestry sector is measured in tens of years.

Our company - is first of all, people who work in a team.

The ideology of the company is a practical union of four components, without which it is not possible to run any production - a machine, equipment, design and course Construction work. All this we have combined into one structure - ABC-Techno Co.Ltd.