September 20, 2016

For Wood

For Wood
20 September — September 24, 2016
Kontakte 10:00, 20 September
Telefon 18:00, 24 September
Prague, Czech Republic
PVA Expo Prague

Current wooden buildings do not have anything in common with historical building systems based on wood, former cottages and log cabins or with constructions for emergency housing purposes anymore. Wooden buildings have made a great leap forward, from hand-made manufacture to manufacturing processes in modern plants and high-precision and fast assembly on the construction site.

From a dedicated survey it implies that customers who decide for wooden buildings appreciate especially the rapidity of construction works. Another essential benefit of wooden buildings is energy savings. The technologies which are currently used by companies in this sector make it possible to achieve low-energy or even passive standards. For this reason, there is no wonder that wooden buildings are perceived as a construction system of the future.

The FOR WOOD trade fair responds to the growing demand of the public for wood constructions and is focused on the use of wood in the building industry from the structure up to the roof. Every year it presents technological innovations and modern materials making it possible to propose demanding structures and structural elements of wooden buildings.

FOR WOOD is held in PVA EXPO PRAGUE, the largest exhibition centre in the Czech capital, as part of the FOR ARCH trade fair, the single most important and most attended fair of building industry in the Czech Republic. The event is a well-established meeting point of professionals from the field of buildings and constructions. Due to its location in Prague, an important centre of Central-European business, FOR ARCH and FOR WOOD offer a unique opportunity for both domestic and foreign exhibitors to present their services and products within an international competition.

Showcased products:

wooden constructions | wooden family houses | timber structures | materials used in wooden constructions | foundation and jacketing for wooden constructions | wood processing solutions | by-products of wood processing

Total statistics: the 2015 FOR ARCH series

Number of exhibitors: 830

Net exhibition area (in sqm): 20,062

Gross exhibition area (in sqm): 39,158

Number of visitors: 74,152

Number of accredited journalists: 172