September 15, 2016

International fiber/woob panels conference

International fiber/woob panels conference
15 September — September 16, 2016
Kontakte 10:00, 15 September
Telefon 16:00, 16 September
, United States
Reston, USA

The term: “Fiber/wood-based panels” has been chosen to better describe and embrace the variety of non-wood fiber and composite panel materials that are now being produced across an increasing number of sub-continents. The focus will be on Fiberboard and Particleboard (MDF/PB), in its generic, composite and hybrid forms.

Delegates will have an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the latest product developments and innovations; markets, business challenges, innovations and futures. Attending this event will also help you to consolidate and expand your international business network with other professionals with a passion for wood!