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Window. HS Portal

177 / m2
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Window. HS Portal

177 / m2
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Euro windows "Luxe"

  1. Three-layer glued wood section 78h80 mm 
  2. Facial lamella without jointing. 
  3. Material - pine, larch, oak. 
  4. Coverage Premium class firm "Remmers" (Germany). 16 basic colors + tinting in the desired design color. The warranty on the outer side of the coating is not less than 6 years. 
  5. Hardware company "Siegenia" (Germany). Guarantee of not less than 25,000 cycles of opening. 
  6. Passive ventilation system "Aeromat" produced by "Siegenia". 
  7. Seal of the company "Dipro" - a guarantee of at least 10 years of age.

Double-glazed windows double chamber, 40 mm thick (4h16h4h12h4). Manufactured on specialized equipment using glass type M-1. According to the requirements of GOST 24866-99.

  • triple-pane windows with low-emissivity glass 
  • Triplex 
  • multifunctional glass 
  • decorative layout of glazed

HS Portal - is a modern sliding door systems made ​​of wood. Allow stylish and practical arrange access to the terrace, balcony, winter garden or the entrance to your home.

Space saving. Sliding door systems, opening smoothly move over to the side. Unlike conventional doors, they do not occupy additional space and are easy to open.
A broad overview. Sliding glass door at the same time she is a window through which you can admire the surrounding nature, observe what is happening on the terrace or in the courtyard area of your home. Filling large wall openings, thereby making it possible to increase the width of the review and to achieve maximum comfort: the size of the opening make it easy to carry bulky items through it.
In terms of practicality is provided by:
Thermal insulation and soundproofing. Using the HS Portal allows you to turn warm sliding doors an insurmountable obstacle for the most severe frosts, keep the peace and comfort in the house.


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