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Siberian larch quotas for 2016

VorrätigDatum: 19.01.16
38.6 / m3
Großhandel Preisen
35/ m3 ab 20000 m3
+7 anzeigen-Nummer
Zahlung und Lieferung


Länge, m4
Wassergehalt, %32
Durchmesser, mm20


If you want to save their money, time and most importantly, nerves.

Then we recommend that you not take place for all sorts of empty promises and tales of a brighter future.

It is better to go directly to the experts, and direct suppliers.

We are engaged in urgent and rapid supply of roundwood and sawnwood from Siberia, namely (Trans-Baikal Territory and the Irkutsk Region) to Vladivostok and Primorsky region, as well as for export.

We have our own forests fissile

Range :

-building LOG coniferous - (pine, larch), 1-2 Class

- Coniferous saw logs export - (pine, larch), 1-2 Class

Diameter :

D 16-18
D 20-24
D 26-30
D 32-36
D 38-40
D 42 and above

Ability to sort the wood for D Diameter

log length:



Own fleet of vehicles allows as soon as possible to put the materials on your property, and adjusted work with their own Delianov provide you best price.

Our capabilities allow dispatch of 35,000 m3 per month.

For more information give only on request (specification, volume, frequency, method of payment).

We make delivery at your request

Call to 29. 02 .16 until prices rose, and later do not need to persuade us to sell at the price you suggested earlier, you yourself will be to blame, do not have time

Zahlung und Lieferung

ZahlungsbedingungenНал/безнал 50 %
TransportNach Vereinbarung
Verpackungпо Госту
Zielland auf IncotermsChina


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