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Timber logs

VorrätigDatum: 07.10.17
105.5 / m3
+381 anzeigen-Nummer


Durchmesser, mm300
Länge, m4
Wassergehalt, %30


MFSK” Company can offer you up to 20.000 (twenty) m3 of the Siberian larch round timbers L-4.0 m, L-6.0 m per month; with shipping to FOB ports Nakhodka and Vanino and paid a) customs taxes on the export; b) port services (unloading off the railway transport, storage for up to 30 days; loading onto the customer’s ship); c) international certificate of the products’ ecological safety. The prices are as follows:

Type 1-2 (A-B) diameter 14-20 cm $ 137
Type 1-2 (A-B) diameter 22-30 cm $ 157
Type 1-2 (A-B) diameter 32+ cm $ 170
Type 3 (C) diameter 14-20 cm $ 127
Type 3 (C) diameter 22-30 cm $ 147
Type 3 (C) diameter 32+ cm $ 160

Shipping terms: After the signing of the contract and round timbers inspection in the forest warehouse, the customer needs to prepay 70% of the contract value, the remaining 30% will be paid after the delivery into the FOB ports Nakhodka and Vanino and loading onto the customer’s ship.

If additional information is needed for any question please do not hesitate to call us and make a contact with us.

Best regards.


President of LCC “MFSK”
Dimov S.A.



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