About company

Woodworking machinery and equipment manufacturers
Founded 2003
from 1 to 10 employees


Russia 180020, Pskov Region, Pskov, Izhorskogo,24

Trade profile

We sell

Forest and Woodworking Machines and Tools

Woodworking machinery and equipment

Board edgers
Circular saws
Multiple-blade circular saws
Vertical frame saws
Horizontal frame saws
Slab cutting saws
Woodworking machines
Wood disintegrators
Slab and board resawing machines
Band saws
Cross-cut saws
Sharpening devices
Sharpening machines for circular saw blades
Sharpening machines for band saws
Grinding machines for flat blades
Grinding machines for frame saws
Grinding machines universal
Woodworking accessory equipment
Power feeders
Table saw power feeders
Band saw power feeders
Universal power feeders

We buy

Sawn and Sructural Timber

Hardwood Lumber

Lumber, Sawnwood

Softwood Lumber

Lumber, Sawnwood
Construction timber
Beams, baulks, scantlings
Joinery lumber

More information

We offer you timber equipment of the conducting manufacturers of Sweden, Finland and other countries.

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