Seneca Sawmill Company

Head of the Company

Aaron Jones


Softwood sawmills


United States 97402
Eugene, Oregon, 90201 Highway 99

Number of Employees
from 500 to 1000 employees

The success of Seneca Sawmill is based on Aaron’s insistence on excellence which led to technological innovations that have resulted in over 20 patents, four new sawmills, three new planers, a log merchandiser, a renewable energy electrical plant and at least a dozen technical and mechanical revisions to stay at the forefront of efficiency in sawmill manufacturing.

Now, nearly 60 years later through continual reinvestment in Lane County, the Seneca family of companies, has grown to 400 employees in three locations. The Seneca legacy and commitment to excellence continues with Becky, Kathy and Jody Jones as company owners.


  • Roundwood, lumber, veneer
    • Softwood
      • Lumber, sawn timber
        • Framing lumber
        • Construction timber
        • Beams, baulks, scantlings
        • Joinery lumber
        • Impregnated wood
        • Railway sleepers


  • Roundwood, lumber, veneer
    • Softwood
      • Roundwood
        • Stakes
        • Milled logs
        • Sawlog
        • Poles
        • Veneer logs
        • Veneer logs debarked
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