April 14, 2016

Belarusian Construction Week - 2016

14 April — April 17, 2016
Start 10:00, 14 April
End 17:00, 17 April
Minsk, Belarus
Prospect Winners, 20/2

"Window. Doors. Roofs "

- Wooden windows, PVC windows, aluminum windows.

- Translucent structures and walls. Prefabricated lightweight construction.

- Shutters, blinds, decorative grilles, cornices and window sills.

- Entrance doors and interior.

- Gates and automation systems.

- Roofing, thermal insulation and waterproofing materials.

- Facade materials.

"Construction Materials"

- Services in construction of town houses.

- Timber.

- Cement, concrete, bricks, building blocks, dry mixes, finishing materials. Ceramic tile, stone.

- Floor coverings.

- Materials for the protection and care of wood: impregnating varnishes, paints, enamels, primers, fire-fighting equipment.

- Decoration Materials. Suspended ceilings, plastic panels, wall panels.

- Building tools. Power.

- Electrical.

- Hardware.

- Foundations for individual homes. On-line calculation of the construction of the concrete strip foundation. Calculation of the strip foundation of reinforced concrete

"Construction. Monolith "

- Handling equipment.

- Service delivery of concrete and mortar.

- Decking. Scaffolding rental.

"Cottage. Interior. Furniture »

- Architectural design, design, reconstruction, construction and interior decoration of houses and cottages.

- Engineering and repair work.

- Landscape design and architecture. Outside amenities, landscaping.

- Garden Luminaires sculpture and small architectural forms. Winter gardens.

- Pumps and swimming pools, artificial ponds, fountains, aqua.

- Pavilions, sports and children's playgrounds, recreation areas, their arrangement; Country furniture.

- Fences.

- Garden and park lighting.

- Greening of roofs, vertical gardening.

- Small-sized machines for working in the garden. Tools and equipment for the garden.

- Furnaces and fireplaces, chimneys, electric and gas equipment.

- Air conditioning. Ventilation. Lighting.

- Heating. Water supply.

- Plumbing equipment.

- Interior Design. Elements and materials for interior works. Mirrors. Stairs.

- Burglar alarm systems, fire protection.

- Artistic casting, cast architectural forms.

- The art of casting, forging and coining. Metal-plastic (workshops).


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