October 22, 2016


22 October — October 26, 2016
Start 10:00, 22 October
End 18:00, 26 October
Istanbul, Turkey
Congress-Center, Congress-Center

Why visit?

The new designs, trends

at the fair, bringing together the industry pioneer and global brands, the company of new products, designs, trends can be seen in live, touch, can easily be compared with alternative options.

Sector completed 2 major exhibition together

Intermob, Woodworking Machinery is held concurrently with the exhibition, so as to transport the processed raw product to the final consumer can have the opportunity to visit together the whole sector.

Why Join?

All sectors show itself on equal terms with the possibility of

the industry's leading companies in the market with new players come together under the same roof, it is to find an opportunity to promote themselves to potential customers become more familiar with each other.

2 large exhibition together complementary simultaneously

through Woodworking Machinery Intermob held concurrently with the exhibition, the crude product all coming together representatives of industry from processing to transport to the end consumer.


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