April 26, 2016

Paper Vietnam 2016

outh east Asia is expected to become the fastest growing market for paper in the next 12 years. Paper Vietnam 2016 is going to be held 26-28 Apr 2016 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the favorite destinations in Asia for foreign investments since its
26 April — April 28, 2016
Start 09:00, 26 April
End 17:00, 28 April
Hanoi, Vietnam
China National Chemical Information Center

EXPOLORE NEW MARKET: After organizing 3 times in Ho Chi Minh City and 1 times in Ha Noi in 2013, the 5th edition will be hold at the new area - HANOI CAPITAL which is the largest city and the second of population in Vietnam. According to statistics from the municipal People’s Committee, by the end of 2014, Hanoi attracted 3,169 FDI projects with the total investment of 26.3 billion USD, ranking third nationwide. Most of paper mills concentrated in northern Vietnam. The raw materials for the paper industry develop in 6 regional areas: Center North, Thanh Hoa, Central Coast, Northeast, Northwest, North Highlands with a total forest of 763 thousand hectares. Strive to 2020 will meet the demand for raw materials for a total capacity of 1,536 thousand entire industry is tons / year with two main raw materials is the Center North and Central Coast. The production capacity of paper and pulp concentrate mainly in southern and northern centers (over 65% market share according to capacity).



Bristol card

Carbonless paper

Coated art paper & board

Converted papers

Craft paper

Duplex paper


Fine paper

Metalized specialty paper


Packaging paper

Photo paper

Recycled paper

Specialty paper

Sticker paper

Uncoated paper

Waste paper

Wrapping paper


Complete Paper Mill Machinery

Used Paper Machinery & Equipments Tissue Machinery

Converting Machinery

Printing Machinery

Industrial Generator

Air Compressor


Equipment & Accessories:

Industrial Pump & Systems

Boilers & Turbines

Heaters & Heating Equipment

Bearing & Accessories

Industrial Knives, Blades & Holder

Industrial Gears

Industrial Rolls

Paper Machine Clothing

Dewatering Elements

Automation & Instrumentation

Quality Control equipments

Testing Equipments

Waste Water treatment

Pollution Control Equipments

De-Inking Systems

Raw material:

Waste paper

Pulp & Fiber

Minerals & Pigments

Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals:

Modified starch

Sizing agent


Dry strength resin

Wet strength resin

Flourescent Whitening agent

De-foaming agents

Water-soluble polymer

Functional paper chemicals

Fillers and pigments

Coating adhesives

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