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Siberian pine quotas for 2016

US$45 / m3
Supplier: Ves Sibirskiy Les Trade offer: #235389227

Siberian pine quotas for 2016

US$45 / m3
in stock
Delivery from Vladivostok, Russia


Forest softwood logs, call, we will not pick up the workpiece closer to your production.
We just bring a fresh carved, Gostovskaya logs
cheaper than the others

-Guest 9463-88

-Guest 22298-76E

Range .;
- Larch 1-2 Class
- Pine 1-2 Class

Diameter :

D 16-18
D 20-24
D 26-30
D 32-36
D 38-40
D 42 and above

Ability to sort the wood diameters
log length:


Our capabilities allow to ship between 20,000 -35,000 m3 monthly

Our many years of experience in wholesale and retail supply of roundwood ensures a high level of service to our clients:

- We will help you to choose the product according to the needs;

- Help to solve all the basic information and legal questions on registration, payment, transportation;

- Have the ability to accept payment in the form of non-cash and cash on the spot.

Our clients are both large construction companies and smaller firms as well as individuals!

Call to 02.29.16 we will do a good discount on the volume of 1000 m3, we recommend you not to delay, since diesel fuel prices rising, therefore the logs too

There are quotas on 25000m3 2016

Neg 120 m3



Wood species
20 mm
4 m

Payment and delivery

Terms of payment
Нал/безнал 50 %
Packing method
По Госту


Company from Vladivostok, Russia
Speaks languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese

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US$45 / m3
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