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Languages spoken:Russian

Saw-timbers, beams

Pre-order, 2 day 2Date: 21.07.14
Retail price:
200.0US$ /
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Supply volume 450 / once
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Wood speciesPine
Length, m6
Width, mm100
Moisture content, %25
Thickness, mm200


A roof is a load carrying structure, that accepts all external loading(weight of roof and own elements), passes loading from a lathwork with lying on her roofing material them on the walls of house and internal supports. Besides bearing and  aesthetic functions a roof is an original non-load-bearing construction, dissociating a garret apartment from an environment. The basic bearing elements of roof it is been: мауэрлат, стропила and lathwork. In addition, there are additional timber elements(ригели, bars, подкосы, cross-bars etc.) in the construction of roof


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