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Год создания 2007
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Аргентина 1879, Буэнос-Айрес, Esquiu 2856

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Dear Sirs,

We are an exporter agent of flooring woods from Argentina, South America, associated to highest quality and responsibility in deal as well.

We can offer you an interesting and selected flooring woods variety , Quality and style for your projects.

• Solid wood

• Renewable and ecological resource

• Excellent drying quality

• High end

• Fittings on all four sides

• Polishing and dyeing are well accepted

• Exclusive HCP process to homogenize colors and provide a lasting stability

• FSC certificated

Hardwood flooring from cultivation forest of Eucalyptus grandis - a renewable, ecologic resource.

According American trends on decoration, this flooring presents random lengths making rooms more comfortable and aesthetic.

It´s manufacturing and endings comply the most stringed international rules, thus we guarantee a perfect match on every four faces, as so a long life product.

Besides the polishing and plasticized after installation of the unfinished line of flooring– on traditional using - the prefinished line is the easy way to install and use it immediately.

The Unfinished Flooring is presented in the three natural colors of Eucalyptus grandis – Red, Light Red and Country. It´s due to an exhaustive classification of every board.

The Prefinished Flooring presents the three natural colors of wood and three other dyeing flooring – Tobacco, Terra and Timeless – making possible a variable decoration styling.


Naturalness and Strength

The Grandis® deck is a very accepted solution for outdoor applications because it provides wood warmth and texture together with functionality and comfort to be used in surrounding galleries and expansions.

Outstanding advantages that make it the market leader:

Specially designed for outdoor usis, offering a long useful life and low maintenance

Excellent finish that permits a fast and efficient installation, without need of subsequent sanding.

A renewable and ecological resource. It´s the natural resources used do not destroy the soil.

Polishing and dyeing are well accepted, which makes the product easy to maintain.

Its color and natural grain are unique, resulting in a very special attractive ambient.


Premium: A product completely free of knots and defects on its main side. Excellent aesthetics.

Country: A highly aesthetic product, with minor knots and defects not affecting the structural strength of the product.


Thickness Width Length

1” – 22mm 3”, 4” – 65, 95 mm 4’ to 10’


A wide range of panels for the industry.

• Renewable and ecological resource

• Highly resistant to bending, impact and delamination

• Longer duration

• Weather resistant

It resists more, lasts longer and is better used.

It is a plywood board consisting of thin semi-hardwood laminates placed transversally to the fiber direction.

The phenolic adhesive used is specifically designed to hold up in rigorous humidity conditions and outdoor uses, making GRANDIS® highly resistant to delamination, which allows it to last longer. Since it is a natural product, its external surfaces, on both sides, show different appearances.

All of Grandis wood laminates, exclusively obtained from cultivated forests, are selected for being far more suitable than conventional panels.

In each panel, an electronic, calibrated and sanded squaring ensures the constant dimensions of the panels, allowing a fast and efficient modular use.

It has been structurally developed in compliance with the strictest international and national standards in terms of bending and delamination resistance. Outstanding advantages that make it the market leader.

The highly structural strength of the product makes it the most suitable for structural load and finish appearance requirements.

It requires low maintenance and is highly resistant to tear and wear.

It has multiple uses due to its special clear tone appearance, easy handling and structural strength.

Presentation according to IRAM 9506 and 9703 standards.

Quality III: Ready-to-paint and/or coat. Quality formwork. Weather resistant constructions. To be used in rustic coatings, shelves, lining.

Quality IV: Suitable for structural outdoor use. Ready-to-paint. To be used in rustic coatings, shelves, formwork. Weather resistant constructions.


Thickness 5.2,10,12,15,18,21,24 mm

Up to 40mm thick upon demand

Width1.220 mm


2.440 mm

Samples are available and free, only will send it your available courier account.

Please feel free to ask me for anything you need to the Emails below, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours

Marcelo Lescano Mario D’Angelo


mlescano@consultorapuntosud.com mdangelo@consultorapuntosud.com

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