Your Independent Timber Partner, Sawmiller & Timber Merchant, covering European and Asian countries.

Информация о компании

Строганные пиломатериалы
Год создания 2010
от 10 до 50 сотрудников

Контактная информация

Латвия LV1082, Рига, Z.A.Meierovica 18

Дополнительная информация

TIMBERTIME is operating as a timber sawmiller & wholesaler working with premium Baltic softwood such as spruce and pine. Having a vast client base around European and Asian countries we are successfully distributing our products and promoting them with our reputable brand.

We have focused on economies of scale and competitive cost structure to establish our competitiveness.

Equally important to us is the ongoing development of downstream value added products. Combined with the enthusiasm, experience and dedication of management and staff, value added range has become a major contributor to the growth and success of the enterprise.

Our mission is:

“To become a number one supplier of all kind of sawn timber and to be recognized as your number one partner.”

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