9 сентября 2015

2nd China Wood Expo 2015

2nd CHINA WOOD EXPO 2015 The 2nd China (Shanghai) International Wood Expo Imported Wood Sheet Bamboo Wood-Plastic Woodworking Machinery Furniture Raw And Supplementary Materials Related Products ...
9 сентября — 9 декабря 2015 г.
с 08:30, 9 сентября
по 17:30, 9 декабря
201000, Шанхай, Китай
No.1099 Guozhan Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Exhibition Center

Nine Groups and Associations shared their new technologies and products onsite. These were: the State of North Carolina/Appalachia USA, the French Timber Industry Association, the Finnish Sawmills Association, the American Hardware Export Council (AHEC), American Softwoods, Canada Wood, the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association (TWMA), the Yuhang Home Textile Pavilion and the Asian International Furniture Material Trading Center (AIFM). Purchasing groups from Mexico, and Vietnam were also in attendance to find suppliers.

Invite participating countries and regions

China, Sweden, Germany, France, the United States, Australia, Turkey, Colombia, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia, Poland, South Africa, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, India and other 45 786 countries and regions overseas exhibitors.

Date of Booth Setup:

September 7th, 2015  (Monday)    8:30-17:00

Special Assembly Booths Exhibitors Report Exhibit

September 8th, 2015  (Tuesday)    8:30-17:00

Standard Booths Exhibitors Report Exhibit

Date of Exhibiting :

September 9th, 2015  (Wednesday)   8:30-17:00

September 10th, 2015  (Thursday)   8:30-17:00

September 11th, 2015  (Friday)  8:30-17:00

September 11th, 2015  (Saturday)  8:30-14:30

Date of Remove :

September 12th, 2015  (Saturday)  14:30-17:00


1. Through industry networks, organizing domestic and foreign exhibitors, visit the organization;

2. Through invitations to invite important guests and distributed to the provinces and cities industry authorities and institutions;

3. The invitation issued by China Merchants show information;

4. To provide a certain number of tickets exhibitors to invite customers to visit;

5. Through television, radio, newspapers, professional journals, comprehensive information on the exhibition, the exhibition advertising;

6. Exhibition information through the Internet publishing, advertising, promote technology exhibition, projects and products;

7. Choose to participate in domestic and more size and influence of similar professional exhibition, publicity and promotion and audience organization, directly facing the merchants, agents seek to strengthen international cooperation.

Exhibition Scope:

● Timber: Russian timber, wood Europe, North American lumber, wood in South America, Canada, timber, timber Africa, Southeast Asia, timber, new Australian timber, Papua New Guinea and other imported wood materials;Local logs, sawn local / board Lumber, prop, wood, flooring blanks, planed timber, corrosion / retardant modified wood, fast-growing trees, etc.;

● Sheet: plywood, fiberboard, particle board, block board, decorative panels, wood technology, bamboo, building templates, veneer, veneer / veneer, wood flooring, laminated timber (LVL), MDF, timber, finger board, puzzle, wood-plastic composite material, non-wood plywood, fire board, plywood, special types of paper, etc.;

● Flooring: wood flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring, outdoor flooring, other types of flooring, all types of wood flooring, flooring blanks, flooring substrate, flooring special types of paper, etc.;

● Bamboo: bamboo, bamboo flooring, bamboo products / bamboo handicrafts, bamboo, bamboo veneer, bamboo chopsticks, etc.;

● Wood Products: wood / wooden windows, decorative materials (wood line, etc.), furniture, furniture parts, living wood products, wooden crafts, gardening wood products, outdoor wood products, industrial wood products, wooden crates, wooden pallets, pallets / pallet, stick / pole / handle products, wooden stairs / stair board, wallboard / siding, container flooring / floor structure houses / huts, wooden components, cabinets, handrails, curved wood, sealing trim, paint plates, cork products, etc.;

● Woodworking Machinery: wood-based panel equipment, woodworking machinery, woodworking tools, woodworking / wood-based panels accessories, wood drying equipment, modified equipment, wood production equipment, wood dust removal equipment, testing equipment, etc.;

● Accessories: woodworking adhesives, floor / furniture / wood coatings, wood preservatives / fungicides, wood stains, Scavenger, timber modifiers, wood / wood-based panels retardants, plywood / floor aids, plywood plastic packaging / inkjet printer, plywood special types of paper, wood flour, etc.;

● Others: timber trading company, timber market, certification bodies, forestry agencies, trade associations, transport companies, magazines, research institutions, etc.

1. Booth Type:

1.1 Raw Space Booth (start from 36 m2 for renting)

Overseas Enterprise: USD350/㎡/exhibition period

Note: Special booth is bare space for renting from 36 m2 without any facility, and the fee excludes management fee from exhibition hall and renting fee of water and electricity.

1.2 Luxury Standard Booth (start from 9 m2 for renting and corner booth should be charged another 10% of the total fee.)

Overseas Enterprise: USD 480/㎡/exhibition period

Note: luxury standard booth is 3m×3m×3.5m High with triple-face corner panel, exhibition lintel, two tubes, one table and two chairs, one waste basket, one power socket at 220v and luxury decoration on extra 1M.

1.3 Standard Booth (start from 9m2 for renting and corner booth should be charged another 10% of the total fee.)

Overseas Enterprise: USD 400/㎡/exhibition period

Note: Size of standard booth is 3m×3m×2.5m High, with triple-face corner panel, exhibition lintel, four tubes, two tables and four chairs, two waste baskets, two power sockets at 220v

New Product & New Technology Seminar:

Charges of one seminar is USD 3500 for half hour for rent fee of seminar place and of relative

equipments, including seminar place, stereo projection equipment, lamps and lanterns, tables & chairs, tea wares and others and coordination fee of organizing audiences by assisting major speaker.

How to effectively utilize market tools to improve investment income? How to maximize

benefit by attending exhibition?

How to obtain more helps or exhibition suggestions, please contact us a.s.a.p.

To apply for booth:

1, the exhibitors please fill out the "contract" signed and stamped with the official seal, and fax to the organizing committee, the Organizing Committee receives the application form to the exhibition fee, within three days after the booth application into the designated account, to determine eligibility exhibitors, otherwise the booth application shall not be retained. The corresponding amounts not paid within the prescribed time limit, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel its participation qualifications.

2, booth, advertising, arranged by the organizing committee. The distribution principle of order is: "first application, first pay, first allocation", Co / sponsor priorities. To ensure that the overall effect of the venue, the organizers reserve the right of the final adjustment.

3, exhibitors remittance of all the fees, please today will bank money order by fax to the organizing committee, in order to check. Invoice to show unity take or post to according to its request. If the withdrawal of exhibition, the exhibition fee is not refundable, if because of irresistible factors (such as war, natural disaster, epidemic, the administrative order etc.) which causes the exhibition to close down, both sides no longer the exhibition contract, not against the other liability for breach of contract, the committee only returns the exhibitor has paid the cost.

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