8 ноября 2016

Belgrade Furniture Fair

Belgrade Furniture Fair
8 ноября — 13 ноября 2016 г.
с 18:00, 8 ноября
по 18:00, 13 ноября
Белград, Сербия
Bulevar vojvode Mišića 14 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
+381 11 2655 231

The most important promotional events for all participants in furniture industry in the Southeast Europe, the 53rd International Fair of Furniture, Equipment and Interior Decoration, as well as the 53rdInternational Fair of Woodworking Machines, Tools and Production Materials, is a unique opportunity to see at one place all innovations of the interior design, complete production of the local manufacturers, as well as renowned global companies. The trend guide in the following year, the Fair features innovations in the form, materials and general solutions offered by the progressive furniture industry.This year, the event has been considerably redesigned in its 53rd edition into two directions: in the conception sense – turning to the creativity and design promotion as artistic discipline and as regarding business – strengthening the business concept, supporting the economy development and export increase.

The new event concept confirmation is provided by return of large global companies as exhibitors at the Furniture Fair and , for the first time, including of several renowned global brands, while the strong partnership relation to the long term exhibitors has been strengthened also by the attendance at this year’s event.

The focus on designer section puts the whole event in a new, culturological aspect in the interior space experience and understanding, with the idea and vision that the design and creative industry are currently the basis of a society development.

The Fair attempts to keep a leading role in the affirmation of all furniture industry factors, building of the value system and designer profession status and reach even higher ranking as a place of gathering experts within design and furniture manufacturing and similar economic branches. Strategic approach to the business section improvement and business visit strengthening has got the objective of direct results, export support of the local economy and the export increase of the local products.

The most successful designers and architects will feature at the Young Designers Exhibition that should show the current situation in the modern design and new trends. The local artists’ creativity will confirm the inspirative design, revolutionary and unique solutions, modern and functional, practical and comfortable, with the tendency of opening new opportunities and directions in the design world.

This year, the best designers selected by the prominent experts and international jury will be awarded the redesigned Golden Key – Design Award.

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