23 ноября 2016


23 ноября — 26 ноября 2016 г.
с 10:00, 23 ноября
по 18:00, 26 ноября
Порто, Португалия
Feira Internacional do Porto , Venue Exponor
+351 22 998 1473

FIMAP – 19th International Fair of Machinery, Accessories and Services for the Wood Industry


EMAF – 16th International Fair of Machinery, Equipment and Services for Industry

From 23 to 26 November 2016 be held at EXPONOR- OPorto International Fair the 19th edition of the FIMAP- International Fair of machines, accessories and services for the wood industry.

Once again EXPONOR will be the preferential place to simultaneously host FIMAP and EMAF.

This series of highly specialized events seems to be the ideal platform to present your solutions and novelties for all industrial areas.

Make the most of the synergies of these 2 professional fairs and their several business opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences.

Reasons to participate

Be a part of this unique moment in Portugal, where the best offer in the industrial area goes hand in hand with the main national and international demand;

Find unparalleled business opportunities;

Participate in a series of events that reveal the true importance of these sectors in the global economy and that determine who the best “team players” in the market are;

Show a joint will for the growth of companies’ competitiveness.

Goals for 2016

• to make sure the fair remains the most relevant in the sector,

• to boost the value for companies,

• to attract more and better trade professionals,

• to increase business opportunities,

• a must-visit event for professionals from the sector

THE PREVIOUS EDITION FIGURES (information jointly with EMAF)

•5 pavilions in use (area: 27 000 m2)

•350 national and foreign companies exhibiting

•40 000 visitors

•30 technical seminars

•100 meetings with foreign buyers

• 2000 buyers from different countries: Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Angola, South Africa, China, United States and Brazil.

FOCUS 2016


We have reinforced the programme to attract international buyers with the intention of increasing the number and quality of international professional visitors.


• Once again we want to distinguish firms and projects innovating in the development of technologies and solutions, whether incorporated or to incorporate in the industrial production process, in these categories: the Leonardo da Vinci Prize (national innovation) and the Nicola Tesla Prize (international innovation).


· Cutting machines

· Sawing machines

· Milling machines

· Drilling machines

· Sanding and polishing machines

· Combination woodworking machines

· Deforming machines

· Surface building and coating machines

· Gluing machines

· Presses

· Wood treatment machines

· Portable machines

· Tools and other auxiliary equipment

· Timber and its derivatives

· Paints

· Varnishes

· Glues

· Frames and furniture accessories

· Chemical products for treating wood

Visitor Profile

• Carpenters, fitters and renovators

• Furniture makers

• Warehouse suppliers

• Auxiliary industry and subcontracting

• Other Professionals


EMAF – 16th International Fair of Machinery, Equipment and Services for Industry

Open from 10:00>20:00

Venue / Venue Exponor - Feira Internacional do Porto

Trade visitors only


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