7 июля 2016

The 6th China Wood Expo 2016

The 6th China Wood Expo 2016 / The 5th Imported Wood (Shanghai) Exhibition 2016
7 июля 2016, четверг
с 10:00 по 18:00
Шанхай, Китай
No. 2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai New International Expo Center
86-21-5169 8082

Imported Wood Shanghai Exhibition 2015,got 170-odd wood & wooden product suppliers and international trader together from all over countries such as America, Germany, Russia, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, New Zealand, Chile, Australia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and 29336 professional visitors including 1621 oversea visitors in 3 days from June 30 th to July 02nd, 2015, and was successfully finished at Shanghai New International Expo Center with 15,800 m2. The exhibitors highly satisfied this exhibition, 21.5% of the exhibitors appraised “VERY GOOD”, 42.4% “GOOD” and 36.1% “OKAY”

The 5th China Imported Wood Supply & Marketing Forum for Imported Wood Shanghai Exhibition 2016 shall be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 5th to July 7nd, 2016 with The 26th ES BUILD Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo, The Firsts Authorized Construction Material Exhibition with UFI in China. The exhibition at an area of 120,000 m2 and with 100000 visitors shall promote wood industry developing and shall be first choice for manufacturer of furniture, wooden floor, cupboard, wooden door & stairs and wooden products, decoration company, construction material, & wood marketing, domestic distributor/agent, international sourcing group, international trader with further propaganda and source accumulation in several years.

New Policy on Imported Wood Shanghai Exhibition 2016

Shanghai New International Expo Center, First-class exhibition center, is a luxury, modern and international exhibition center with advanced facilities, reasonable layout, friendly environment & energy saving, convenient transportation, complete function, and is biggest exhibition center in Shanghai at present. New exhibition hall for WOODEXPO2016 shall attract more exhibitors from all over countries f& districts, in addition to presentation of big-scaled products in past 15 years, we shall hold “China Imported Wood Supply & Marketing Forum” at same time, and shall invite representatives of each organization from America, Germany, Russia, French, South Eastern Asia and China communicating about hot topic of import & export of wood for trader and purchaser and doing business at site.

If you are a supplier of these products, do not hesitate to book your exhibition space action

◆ Wood type: Russia wood, Canada timber, USA timber, timber in Europe, North America,

wood, African wood, wood in South America, Southeast Asia, wood, Australia timber,Part of the domestic wood: fir, pine, camphor, elm, beech, walnut, gum, ash, mahogany, teak, pineapple, basil, Phoebe, oak, oak, walnut, cherry, maple wood, birch, poplar, Du wood, cedar, catalpa wood, oak, etc.;

◆ Processing: timber, sawn timber, wood preservative, carbonized wood, wood technology, modified, and fire-retardant lumber, molding, wood profiles, etc.;

◆ plate categories: OU song board, particle board, plywood, blockboard / Daixinban, MDF / fiberboard, melamine board, broken wood, wood wool board,Sound-absorbing panels, decorative panels, MDF, HPL, veneer, wood plates, etc.;

◆ Accessories and Other: adhesives, desiccants, preservatives, anti-cracking agent, dye,

modifiers, plate additive, Formaldehyde Scavenger, wood powder,Phenolic resin, water-based Wood, wood wax, wood management agencies, timber certification, timber trading companies, industry associations, and logistics Companies, transportation companies, professional journals, information media, auxiliary industries.

◆ processing machinery: a variety of woodworking machinery, sheet metal processing machines, profile processing machinery, wood and other related instrumentation.

1. Booth Type

1.1 Special Booth (start from 36 m2 for renting)

Overseas Enterprise: USD380/㎡/exhibition period

Note: Special booth is bare space for renting from 36 m2 without any facility, and the fee excludes management fee from exhibition hall and renting fee of water and electricity.

1.2 Luxury Standard Booth (start from 9 m2 for renting and corner booth should be charged another 10% of the total fee.)

Overseas Enterprise: USD 4500/exhibition period

Note: luxury standard booth is 3m by 3m with triple-face corner panel, exhibition lintel, two tubes, one table and two chairs, one waste basket, one power socket at 220v and luxury decoration on extra 50 cm.

1.3 Standard Booth (start from 9m2 for renting and corner booth should be charged another 10% of the total fee.)

Overseas Enterprise: USD 3800/exhibition period

Note: Size of standard booth is 3m by 3m, with triple-face corner panel, exhibition lintel, two tubes, one table and two chairs, one waste basket, one power sockets at 220v

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