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Linings profiled boards Spruce 19 mm x 146 mm x 4 m

Под заказ, 14 днейДата: 25.10.17
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Порода древесиныЕль
Ширина, мм146
Влажность, %12
Тип профиля вагонкиЕвровагонка
Длина, м4
Толщина, мм19
Сорт вагонкиЭкстра
Страна производителяАвстрия


Profiles are producing from a heartwood of the logs when achieve especting diameter. It allow to receive 1 class of biological resistance because of acquiring material from the most valuable part of wood. Dedicated for covering walls, ceilings and soffits.

VEH certified process allow to achieve precised dimensions of the boards, intended to no-problematic precized covering.

Very popular profile "C" - classic, characterize with both small chamfer edges on visible part of profile.

"E" - Softline: has rounded chamfers with a longer tounge.

"F" - Tatran: has both long chamfers with a longer tounge.


VEH - certified planing process ensure the highest standard of planed, characterized with strict quality control and demanding sorted norms.

CE - declaration of performace with 1 class of biological resistance accoridng to DIN EN 14915, formaldehyde Emission standard E1

CFCS, PEFC certificates.

Qualities:A/B-VEH, B-VEH, C

Kiln dried to:

-Spruce: 12% (+/-2%).

-Sibrian larch (+/-4%)

Lenghtes: 3; 4; 5; 5.10 [m]

Dimensions: 12.5x96 / 12x121 / 19x146 [mm]

Оплата и доставка

Способ упаковкиShrink wrapped and overlay
Условия оплатыPayment in advance
Транспортное средствоАвтомашина


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