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Profiled logs, "S" and "P" profile, VEH, CE, PEFC

Под заказ, 14 днейДата: 02.11.17
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Объем предложения 72 м2 / однократно
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Страна производителяАвстрия


Profiled tounge & grooved logs for partition and exterior walls in wood constructions. Profile proportions allow for dimensional stability and top-veh finishing the best planing quality protecting the material from biological corosion and burning.

Avaible profiles:

  • "S"
  • "P"

VEH - certified planing process ensure the highest standard of planed, characterized with strict quality control and demanding sorted norms.
CE - declaration of performace with 1 class of biological resistance accoridng to DIN EN 14915, formaldehyde Emission standard E1.
CFCS, PEFC certificates.

Klasy: TOP-VEH, C

Kiln dried to:
Spruce: 12% (+/-2%).

Lenght: 5.1 [m]

Dimensions: 40x146 [mm]

Class: TOP-VEH, C

Оплата и доставка

Способ упаковкиShrink wrapped and overlay
Условия оплатыPayment in advance
Транспортное средствоАвтомашина


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