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Wood Briquettes

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Wood Briquettes

8 293 / т
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 Rice Husk briquette's specifications


-Type A:  outside Pi = 72mm,inside Pi = 22mm,

-Type B: outside Pi = 85mm, inside Pi = 27-30 mm,

-Length: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 500mmso on

-Pack directly into container or Customer's request

-3600-3700 K Cal/kg

-3600-3700 K Cal/kg 



Black Pearl  - organic coconut charcoal for hookah. Convenient Cube shape. Thanks to the usage of natural ingredients, Black Pearl lets hookah lovers enjoy the real taste of tobacco without the after-taste of charcoal. Black Pearl 's special Cube shape controls the temperature during hookah smoking and there is a guarantee that the tobacco won't burn and hookah smoking won't be spoiled. In the modern world, traditions and quality are highly valued. Black Pearl  is produced using  Highest  technology of making coconut charcoal. Only coconut shell, water and  natural starch Binder  are used for its preparation. The quality of the coconut enables Black Pearl  charcoal to burn longer than other hookah charcoals.

  • Black Pearl  Sustainable Charcoal has virtually no smoke and is a flavor neutral fuel source because it is made from coconut shells and not trees/wood. The Perfect Charcoal for Targeted Shisha / Hookah .

  • EXTENDED BURN TIME - The charcoal is so dense  do extending your burn time significantly. This of course means you can get  over 120 minutes  Shisha session .
  • VIRTUALLY NO ASH Due to its purity! Our production runs about 2.5% ash never more than 3 %. This prevents the clogging and reduced airflow that  other charcoal and briquets can cause.
  • NATURAL / GREEN / SUSTAINABLE - by-product of the copra industry and is environmentally sound and green.
  • NO TREES ARE CUT DOWN to produce this charcoal. Only Coconut shell charcoal and food grade Tapioca starch as a binder. PURE, NO Fillers, NO Additives, NO Chemicals!
  • **IMPORTANT** It’s BEST USED FOR LOW AND SLOW  SHISHA  where it’s smokeless qualities are most evident.


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