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Peeling Line "Angelo Cremona" 2700x900 - deroulage

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Peeling Plant “A. Cremona”


Composed by:


-Loading group for logs

-Log Singularizator-elevator

-Side transportation chain, feeding debarking machine

-SP log debarkiing machine, tunnel, with introduction and log centering system. Tools, barking power regulation

-Side transportation chain exit debarking machine

-pneumatic log ejector

-transversal transportation chains. Lenght: 8m, 3 chains


-Log singularizator complete with side aligner

-loader-centering unit, electronic, mod CHT E2700 “A. Cremona”


-centering system with log rotation

-position reader with laser, with centering correction unit

-algoritmic calculation system on axis x-y

-loading aspeed: 5/6 logs/minute

-max logs length 2700mm

-min log length 1100mm

-max log diameter 900mm – min log diam. 150Mm

-flan diameter. 85Mm


-peeling machine “A. Cremona” SFA mod 2700x900

-double electronic spindle

-upper pressure unit

-variable rpm, with constant speed up to 150m/min

-rpm control of spindles with CC motor

-motor power 150kw

-max rpm 400

-hydraulic blade cart

-automatic control process cycles

-central support


-rotative cutter, high speed, mod Rotax 2700 OLM/A. Cremona

-transportation belts to peeler machine


-scanner for peel check, automatic deletion production defects (holer, crackles, ecc)

-program-sized sheets process

-automatic under-sized cutting

-capped sheets cutting

-programmable defects processing

-humidity control and management of cuts and positions in download

-automatic stripes downloader

-separator for stripes and sheets

-transportation belts to grinder

-transportation belt from cutter to downloader


-sheets downloader Mod A.Cremona CR2700

-7 download stations, programmable per different sizes and quality

-depression downloading system

-working speed: 250m/min

-electronic speed control

-carbon-fiber blasters


-oleodynamic elevation boards

up to 5000kg

size 2800x1400mm – 2800x2400mm

range 1500mm


-control panels



Year of construction:
Centering unit and loading system: 2004 – tested in 2005

Peeling machine: 1994 – updated 2005

Cutting line and downloader: 2004 – tested in 2005


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