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Top quality African solid wood product

Под заказ, 15 днейДата: 14.01.17
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29 231/ от 4500
Объем предложения 4 000 / неделя
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Порода древесиныИроко
Длина, м0.05
Страна производителяКамерун


We are a company based in Cameroon and we specialize in the sale of timber logs saw timber and other timber products. We have a wide variety of top quality tropical species of hardwood logs and sawn wood. We have wood species like Iroko, Sapele, Doussie, Bosse, Tali, Wenge, Moabi, Acajou, Niove, Azobe, Ebony, Billinga, Okan, Padouk, Zingana, Pachyloba and lots of other commercial top quality tropical species. We have an output of more than 5000m3(Cubic meters) of wood on a monthly basis and we are able to supply to all parts of the globe. We are offering our wood at very moderate prices. So all those who are in need of some good wood logs and at very good prices do not hesitate to contact us

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