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African Padouk Sawlog 400 mm x 2.1 m

В наличииДата: 20.09.18
Розничная цена:
40 804.7 / м3
Оптовые цены
36 856/ м3 от 1500 м3
Объем предложения 10 000 м3 / месяц
Оплата и доставка


Порода древесиныПадук африканский
Страна производителяСьерра Леоне
Длина, м2.1
ПроизводительSilva Ortus


Our logs are carefully screened and selected by our experience forestry staff. This quality control procedure is necessary to avoid decay, holes which would impact the final product. Once our staff are satisfied with quality, the logs are processed to obtain a finished product ready for export – which is a cleanly cut, rough square log with no bark. Clients have the right to inspect loaded containers within country of loading or by photographic images.

Padauk grows in tropical climates, although the geography changes from rain forest to dry, nearly treeless plains with each species. You'll find padauk in India, Indochina, the South Pacific, West Africa.

padauk trees look like elms, with large, spreading crowns reaching to a height of 120'. Averaging 7' in girth, their slightly irregular, fluted trunks have smooth, yellow-tinted bark. Trunks often have no branches for the first 65'.

Оплата и доставка

Условия оплатыNegotiable
Транспортное средствоКонтейнер
Страна назначения по ИнкотермсСьерра Леоне
Способ упаковкиContainer


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