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Tongue & Groove flooring, "O" Profile, 28 mm x 146 mm x 6 m

В наличииДата: 31.10.17
Цена договорная
Объем предложения 55 м3 / однократно
Оплата и доставка


Порода древесиныСосна
Ширина, мм146
Страна производителяАвстрия
Толщина, мм28
Длина, м6


Profiles are producing from a heartwood of the logs when achieve especting diameter. It allow to receive 1 class of biological resistance because of acquiring material from the most valuable part of wood. Dedicated for flooring and flooring with visible bottom part working like a ceiling.

VEH certified process allow to achieve precised dimensions of the boards, intended to no-problematic precised covering.

"O" - Classic flooring, characterize with planed, but not chamfer edges.
"O+C" - Flooring and ceiling where top part finished like "O" profile, bottom with small chamfer edges like in "C" profile.

VEH - certified planing process ensure the highest standard of planed, characterized with strict quality control and demanding sorted norms.
CE - declaration of performace with 1 class of biological resistance accoridng to DIN EN 14915, formaldehyde Emission standard E1.
CFCS, PEFC certificates.

Lenghtes: from 3,00 to 6,00 m, graduate every 30cm

Dimensions: 19x121(113); 24x146(138); 28x146(138) [mm] 

Grades: A/B-VEH; C

Species: Pine

Оплата и доставка

Способ упаковкиShrink wrapped and overlay
Условия оплатыPayment in advance
Транспортное средствоАвтомашина


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