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Spruce and pine lumber

12 257
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Spruce and pine lumber

12 257
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Поставка из Кургана, Россия


Can offer the same products for sale:  pine, spruce from Russia
Our products are competitively priced. We offer sawn timber and planks of natural moisture or KD. (18%-22%)

Carrying out the order to your specifications. Monthly output over 2000 m3.
We look forward to your suggestions. Upon customer request other sizes of boards, beams, floor board, wall panels and other products.

At our company, could you please consider supply the required sawn wood for your company on the terms of FOB, CFR or CIF.

Ready to offer competitive rates. We will send the price on request.


Порода древесины
Ель сибирская
250 мм
250 мм
22 %


Компания из Кургана, Россия
Генеральный директор
Говорит на языках: Русский

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Цена договорная
Наименование товара Обрезная доска Сосна KD 47 мм x 100 мм x 6000 мм Spruce Edged board 50 mm x 120 mm x 6000 mm Spruce and pine lumber Pine Lumber KD 100 mm x 300 mm x 600 mm Пиломатериалы SPF 22 мм x 100 мм x 6000 мм
Поставщик Forest Trade Dіalog Trade Lesexport Dіalog Trade Vudmart
Страна поставки Россия Украина Россия Украина Россия
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