Компания из Чеховице-Дзедзице, Польша

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Terrace board, larch 24 mm x 140 mm x 5.1 m

Под заказ, 14 днейДата: 31.10.17
Цена договорная
Объем предложения 90 м2 / однократно


Длина, м5.1
Толщина, мм24
Влажность, %14
Ширина, мм140
Порода древесиныЛиственница


Profiles are producing from a heartwood of the logs when achieve especting diameter. It allow to receive 1 class of biological resistance because of acquiring material from the most valuable part of wood. Dedicated for decking.

VEH certified process allow to achieve very smooth surface of the boards, giving additional secure from environment influence.

"Terasa" - Typical decking profile, characterize with grooved 2 parallel sides.
"A4B5" - S4S planed, plank profile.

VEH - certified planing process ensure the highest standard of planed, characterized with strict quality control and demanding sorted norms.
CE - declaration of performace.
CFCS, PEFC certificates.

Kiln dried to:
Spruce: 12% (+/-2%).
Siberian larch: 14% (+/-2%).

Classes: SELECT; A/B-VEH; C

Dimensions: 24x140; 28x140 [mm]

Lengtes: 3, 4, 5, 5.10 [m]


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