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Automatic finger jointing lines

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Finger Joint / Splicer Spanevello LGC300 Compact Plant suitable for continuous jointing of boards or beams with comb system. Compact machine, which incorporates in a small space: - Alignment of the tables to be joined - Groups of locking boards - Vertical milling of the block - Coating of glue - approaching and pressing the two parts to be joined - Cutting size of jointed board - Translation of the material jointed Very robust machine, suitable for jointing beams of large dimensions. The hydraulic movements of the machine ensure its reliability. The vertical movement of the cutters is carried out by means of screws with recirculating balls. The plant is equipped with cabin soundproofing and systems that ensure the safety during processing. Length of jointed material 1000-6000 mm Material width 80 - 300 mm Material thickness 20 - 200 mm Type of jointing Vertical comb Number of junctions 3 (5) Max pressure 50 ton Boards Translation speed 60 m/min


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