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Sawmill "CANALI 1600" Bandsaw

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Complete Sawmill plant CANALI 1600


BAND SAWS CANALI 1600 DX (clockwise):

Range 240 mm flywheels, blade 265 mm

Blade guide, blade tension and tilt upper flywheel electric

Moving blade: electrical

Engine with 125 hp teleaviatore

Carriage “CANALI” with 3 pneumatic clamps, double hook for column

Clamps  displacement: pneumatic

thicknesses electronic

control unit in front of the seat (chair)

n. 3 + 3 logs turners

opening of clamps: max 1000 mm

Ø TRUNK 1400/1500

carriage feeding: a wire rope, with hydraulic gearmotor

track 18 m



n. 01+01  4-way logs loader, total 12 mt

n. 01 logs separator with 4 chain, length 2 mt

n. 01 roller table with 6 mt booms accompanying tables and a half trunk

n. 04-way chain for the middle trunk reloading

n. 01 unloading roller table 6 mt, for tables unloading

n. 04 ways to supply chain trimming

single-blade trimming n.01 (modest) revised

n. 02 roller table to left

n. 01 final roller with 2 drains: left + right                                                                                                                             



1 sharpener Vollmer

1 schiacciadenti blade Vollmer PMH

1 bench preparation blades VWMS

1 welding blades "Vaninetti"

10/15 seminew blades


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