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Wood chips

В наличииДата: 29.04.17
Цена договорная
Объем предложения 10 000 шт / месяц
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Порода древесиныАкация
Страна производителяРоссия
Теплотворность, ккал/кг10-14


Dear sir/madam kindly note, we as mehrad kala & co. Located in iran (tehran) ,are interested to purchase wood chips (for mdf purpose )as below specifications or close to it . We are looking for real supplier with good quality and reasonable price and ready, willing and able to sign long term contract for 10,000 to 15,000 tons monthly.

If you can supply please submit your best price cif bandar anzali(anzali port) ,specification and other necessary informations . Description:wood chips specification: length 25-50 mm width 10-25 mm thickness 5-10 mm content of bark 1-2 % decompose contents 0,3 % no foreign matter metal, sand, stone energy value 0,8 - 1,2 mwh / m3 heating value 10 -14 mj / kg ash content 0,5 - 1,5% moisture: standard less than 35% total sulpher: not more than 0.05% if there is any question ,do not hesitate to contact us. Your speedy respons greatlt appreciated.

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Транспортное средствоСудно
Страна назначения по ИнкотермсИран


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