PTF BiG House Ltd.


成立 2003


俄罗斯 143051, 莫斯科地区, Malye Vyazemy, Gorodok-17, a/ya 17


The company «Bighouse» more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality wood, as well as a wide range of its products. The experience gained over the years helps us to please, to find common ground and to take into account all the needs of customers. Our company always strives to be the best in its market and offer the highest quality. Our core business is the manufacture and supply of Angarsk pine, we are one of the best on the market of these products.

The main activities

The company «Bighouse» has its own procurement and production base in Siberia, as well as a warehouse in the Moscow region.

The range we offer the following types of wood species:

Angarsk pine;

, Siberian larch;


The main types of our products made of wood:

rounded, finishing a log;

Cutting board, beam;


imitation beams;

kleeennye products;

wooden shingles.

The company «Bighouse» guarantees high quality of its products, reasonable prices, stable supply. We supply timber large and small wholesale and retail.

The company «BiG House» offers a wide selection of timber: pine logs, machine rounded on the machine or by hand hewn logs, exterior, flooring, finishing and other boards, glued and shaped beam. Wide range of products from the northern woods - Angarsk pine and larch, known strength and durability.

With its own manufacturing facilities of the company «BiG House» provides a guaranteed production of high quality construction material with precise geometry for cottages, lodges, saunas, houses, different environmental performance, a high degree of insulation and do not require additional finish.