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Boyarov Oleg Dmitrievich




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Waste-to-Energy Equipment

Wood Waste fuelled Modular Downdraft Gasifier-based Power Plants from 40 to 500 KWe. Each plant consists of downdraft gasifier to produce producer gas, gas cooling and cleaning system, dual-fuel or 100% producer gas engine with alternator, and wood waste preparation system including chipper to converse wood waste into energy chips 10 to 100 mm in length and 10 to 25 mm in thickness and wood chips dryer if moisture content of chips is more than 20% (wet basis).

Briquetting Presses to produce fuel briquettes from saw dust and disintegrated wood pieces up to 25 mm. Capacity 1500 kg/hr and 1800 kg/hr.

Chippers and Hammer mills to produce coarse energy wood chips.

Vibratory Fluidized Bed Dryers to dry wood chips. Evaporation rate 350 kg, 700 kg, and 1050 kg of water per hour.