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You make a wooden house made of logs or solid shaped timber, but do not know how to dry the logs and lumber. Want to produce eco-friendly wooden houses without cracks and without chemical bleaches based on chlorine - then this equipment for you.We have developed systems for drying solid wood "Microwave Wood" make it possible to dry the round logs and timber in a short time with high quality and cost.

Energy costs in drying of logs and lumber from pine 150-250 kWh per 1 cubic meter of dry wood from the natural humidity of 15% humidity. The drying time is not more than 22 hours. On the surface, dried logs and lumber are no cracks. We dry the wood to 20% humidity. When the cooling timber has lost 8%. Unlike other methods of drying at microwave drying moisture inside is lower than on the surface of the wood humidity control is the most accurate method - weighted.

The drying process is fully automated. You will be pleasantly surprised by the program of wood drying, which is a single click will start the drying process, will produce drying and automatic shut down.

In systems using a microwave generator of our production, equipped with the latest technology.