Laitex Oy


成立 1986


芬兰 53300, Lappeenranta, Yhteistuonkatu 13


Laitex Oy is a modern and innovative enterprise specialized in the design and manufacture of tailored solutions for materials transfer and handling applications for the process industries globally. Our main offerings comprise the engineering and manufacture of conveyors and conveyor systems. Our other services include service and repairs as well as various types of coatings.

The customer is always the cornerstone of our operations. A successful end result comes from understanding the customers individual needs and from flexible and swift service combined with stringent quality control.

Our experience spanning over two decades can solve even the most demanding materials handling problems. Versatile engineering competence, constant R&D and long-term emphasis on quality have rendered Laitex a skilled and reliable partner for customers with demanding needs.

Basic production of the enterprise - mechanical transport systems and conveyors of all kinds (belt, chain, drag, screw, bucket), for transportation of such materials, as bark, wood chips, limestone, cement, pulp, kaolin, peat, powder, etc.; rotary valves and feeders; crushers and shredders for processing of various materials.