Machine-Building Plant Maikop


成立 1942


俄罗斯 385000, 阿迪格, Maykop, Pushkin 175


Machine-Building Plant Maikop - a leading plant hydraulic manipulators in Russia. The factory was established in 1942 and during the war produced products for the war effort. Since 1985, the factory specializes in manufacturing hydraulic manipulators for the timber industry, construction companies lomopererabotke, oil and gas industry, agriculture and many other industries.

High reliability of hydraulic manipulators was achieved by years of experience designing, manufacturing and operating the plant and brought fame not only among the loggers.

Active marketing policy of the plant, and participation in specialized international exhibitions, advertising campaign helped increase the popularity of Maikop hydraulic manipulators with the brand "Atlant-C."

The plant's products have repeatedly awarded by medals and diplomas of the Exhibition.

Today, "Atlanta" know from Belarus to Sakhalin.

One of the main competitive advantages of Maikop hydraulic manipulators is an indicator of "quality-price."

At present the plant produces more than 25 modifications hydraulic manipulators with load torque of 20 to 150 kNm and the boom to 12.8 m

The design of hydraulic manipulators are constantly being improved, expanded product range and scope.

All products are certified, and the line of crane-manipulator systems have the permission RTN Russia.

High quality hydraulic manipulators is provided by the existing factory quality management system ISO-9901.

Since 2000, the production of the plant repeatedly became a finalist and winner of the nationwide program of the competition "100 best goods of Russia".