Sia Haitek Skogmaskin


成立 2010


拉脱维亚 LV-5070, Lielvarde, Laimdotas 25


Ltd. Haitek Skogmaskin and Sia Haitek Chipper is Haitek Group companies use their employees' long experience in the field of forestry seriously and working with high responsibility logging and woodchip production machinery trade. Haitek product range includes both Latvian and world renowned manufacturers John Deere, Eco Log, Ponsse, Valmet, Hurqvarna, Europe chipper and other equipment.

Than any other in the forestry sector are bound to be subject to a process of continuous global economic changes, which directly refers to the operators planning to keep both competitiveness and ultimately business and jobs.

Haitek working with equipment manufacturers and dealers offer customers to purchase certain categories of both new and used harvesters, forwarders and chippers creating economic order and offer to purchase their own financial resources, market conditions and the type of the best and most suitable equipment.

This website you are able to read, compare, evaluate and comment on forestry techniques, which are the most frequently used in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

Given that forestry is not limited to forwarders, harvesters and chipped Haitek web pages for information and comparison resource will be updated with wood, forest management and recovery equipment industry people to gather valuable information about the history, current and news.