Stelit s.r.o.


成立 1993


斯洛伐克 911, Trencin, Hlavnб 1/1795


We produce timber mill frame saws on order, according specification show in our website: We can also produce saws according special requirements of customer. Saws are made from high quality Swedish steel „UDDEHOLM“, which has international standard certification ISO 9002.

Saw tools sale and service.

· Sharpening

· Saw flatten and straightening

· Sintered carbide plate welding

· "STELITING" - hard metal welding to the cutting teeth tips

· Renovated woodworking machinery sale

· Consulting and special training activities

· Products delivery to customer

1. Frame saws

Please visit our website:

2. Band saws

· Band saws for cutting wood

· Band saws for cutting foodstuff

Please visit our website:

· Band saws for cutting

• fabrics

• leather

• special knives for paper industry, printing industry and packing industry

3. Circular saws

· circular rip saws

· circular sawing saws

· saw mill saws

· circular resawing saws

· sizing circular saws

· circular saws for plastic and laminate

· carpenter circular saws

· circular saws for metal cutting

anti-noise circular saws - noise reduction level by 50%