成立 2008


俄罗斯 141100, 莫斯科地区, Schelkovo, Svirskaya 14


The company "Technicolor" - a high-tech production of paints and coatings for wood. The largest research base in its own laboratory and qualified technicians - a guarantee of quality and stability of supply. LLC "Technicolor" - your reliable partner in paint systems of wood.

Company history began in 2000 with the opening in Moscow of the Russian Mission, which offers Italian-made paints under the brand name Milesi. We were among the first providers in the Russian market of paints and varnishes for wood top-level of the very "heart" of the world furniture industry - Italy. While manufacturers are used mostly domestically produced materials, noticeably inferior in quality and does not require special training to use. Therefore, while our main goal was to not only make deliveries, but also to educate working with our materials.

"Technicolor" - the largest supplier and manufacturer of paints intended for wood finishing. Today the company, "Technicolor" is the first and only company in Russia engaged in the production of coatings for wood under its own brand TECHNOCOLOR.

One of the main activities of "Technicolor" is the development and manufacture of polyurethane varnish. Polyurethane coatings are the most popular paints among manufacturers of furniture, as they allow to obtain coatings with high physical and chemical resistance while maintaining the aesthetic parameters. Polyurethane coatings are applied to all types of furniture, doors of solid wood and MDF, as well as a variety of wood products.

Own system of tinting color enamels allows you to quickly select and prepare the necessary color catalogs RALi NCS or reproduce any color on the model.

"Technicolor" 10 years is the Italian paint materials production group «Milesi», which is deservedly considered the best varnishes for professional wood finishing.

The company "Technicolor" offers a wide range of coatings for finishing wood - wood varnishes, lacquers for doors, parquet varnishes, lacquers and upholstery colored enamel finishes for kitchen fronts, water-based paints, varnishes for children's furniture, polyester paints, industrial coatings UV Cure, nitrocellulose lacquers, acrylic lacquers, acrylic primers, wood primers.

In addition, among the products offered a lot of decorative effects of wood: Crackle, Patina, dekape, pearl, metallic effect yarns.

In addition to the main company offers a range of support materials: adhesives, abrasives and polishing materials, and tools for repair of furniture and fixing defects in the wood.