Ustyanskiy Timber Industry Complex

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Loskutov Viktor Gennadyevitch




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500 000 000 RUB (俄罗斯卢布)
450 thousand cubic meters
150 thousand cubic meters

In June 2011 in the district of the Arkhangelsk region Ustyansky founded ULC Group of Companies, which included the newly formed venture logging company "Ustyansky wood processing Company", LLC "Ustyansky timber industry" and the processing plant and wood waste for heat - LLC "Ustyansky Heat Energy Company".

The activity of "Ustyansky woodworking company" focused on harvesting and hauling wood. Today, the monthly volume of timber harvesting and hauling - 40,000 cubic meters. In 2011 the company acquired six modern timber facilities. Existing forest raw material base and production facilities enable the Company since 2012 to increase and make preparation more than 600,000 cubic meters. timber per year.

LLC "Ustyansky timber industry" is engaged in harvesting, hauling and deep processing of timber. At present, the amount of harvesting and hauling - 400 000 cubic meters., Sawing - 300,000 cubic meters. at the entrance of the year. October 22, 2011 was officially opened timber-processing factory. Since 2012 timber-processing plant will be able to increase the amount of processing up to 600,000 cubic meters. sawlogs of raw materials, of which 500 000 cubic meters - is the logs, harvested by the Company and the Complex.

"Ustyansky timber industry" and "Ustyansky woodworking company" are the largest forest industry enterprises of the Arkhangelsk region, for Ustyansky-forming region. Both implement socially significant projects in the area Ustyansky.

Company Ltd. "Ustyansky Heat Energy Company" is engaged in processing and recycling of waste from logging and wood processing activities of the "Company" and "Complex" formulation for heat n October.

The Group of Companies ULK-the-art machinery and equipment, energy saving technologies and creative projects. Each year the company carried out the production in different parts of the competition, contests testing the technical state of readiness and motor and tractor fleet and professional skills of technicians and specialists of the enterprise. In addition, the traditional celebration became a professional holiday Day of the forest with participation of popular Russian pop-stars and the company's birthday, celebrated sporting events in a cup of ULK.


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