一月 28, 2016

3rd Annual Conference January 28, 2016

一月 28, 2016, 星期四
联系方式 10:00 电话 18:00
Vancouver, 加拿大
Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA,

• Outlook for Log and Chip Prices in Western North America.

• US Northwest Timber Inventory and Projected Growth.

• Strategic Issues for Timberland Owners in the PNW in 2016.

• The British Columbia Shrinking Wood Supply Base.

• Log Exports, Softwood Lumber Agreements and Other Strategic Issus in British Columbia.

• US Northwest Lumber Sector: Will the Industry Benefit from the Surge?

• Navigating the Changing Fiber Sourcing by the Pulp industry

• Emerging Pellet Markets in Asia

• Southern US Sawlog Prices and Lumber Production - a Comparison to the Northwest

• Investments in West Coast Port Infrastructure for Log and Lumber Exports

• Key Competitors to US and Canadian Log and Lumber Exporters in the Pacific Rim