十月 6, 2016

Baldai - Furniture 2016

Baldai - Furniture 2016
6 十月 — 十月 8, 2016
联系方式 10:00, 6 十月
电话 18:00, 8 十月
Vilnyus, 立陶宛
Lietuvos parodų ir kongresų centras LITEXPO, Laisvės pr.5, Vilnius, LITEXPO

The TIMBER. FURNITURE COMPONENTS, EQUIPMENTS AND TECHNOLOGIES exhibition will be held in a separate hall, which is intended to demonstrate to specialists technological process and innovations in timber industry and furniture production, variety and possibilities of materials and fittings, timber processing and furniture production machines, tools, equipment and constructions, to promote international co-operation and partnership between timber production manufacturers, processors, suppliers and retailers of equipment and technologies, companies of furniture industry.