十月 24, 2016

"Bioenergy: pellets, briquetts, wood chips, boilers and CHP on biofuel"

"Bioenergy: pellets, briquetts, wood chips, boilers and CHP on biofuel"
十月 24, 2016, 星期一
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莫斯科, 俄罗斯
14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Moscow, Russia, Expocentre
Information and Analytical Agency "Infobio"
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General topics of the conference:

• Questions about utilization of wood waste in order to produce a profit: the options, possibilities.

• Energy production from wood waste: the experience of the companies, the quality of raw materials, technology, intended for the Russian conditions (use of bark and wood wastes, damp and stale chips and sawdust, etc.).

• Technology of wood burning, power equipment, perspective directions, foreign and national experience of implementing biofuel technologies.

• The economic characteristics of production of wood pellets, briquettes and wood chips: technology, logistics and marketing.

• The state and prospects of the global production of biofuel, the European programs in order to support the use of solid biofuels (pellets, briquettes, wood chips) in the EU.

• Volumes of world and European biofuel market: opportunities for Russia

• Investments in bioenergy: opportunities and offers from Russia and Europe's leading financial institutions.

• The legal framework and the program of subsidizing the production of biofuels and bioenergy in the Russian regions.

• New biofuel production technologies

• Innovative development in the biofuels industry - cost optimization and increase production yield.

• Transportation and logistics issues: discussion of biofuel transportation options from different regions of Russia: the representatives of transport and port companies have been invited.

• Negotiations between producers and biofuel buyers: biofuel manufacturers and partners buyers from Europe and Asia have been invited.