五月 28, 2014


28 五月 — 五月 31, 2014
联系方式 11:00, 28 五月
电话 19:00, 31 五月
Brasov, 罗马尼亚
Roman Exhibition Center

PROFILE includes a broad range of subfields of wood processing industry, forestry and furniture industry: machinery and heavy machinery, tractors, ropeways, grabs, hardwestere, equipment, saws, tools, equipment, devices and supplies used therein; electric cars portable heating, drying and extraction, raw materials, timber, lumber, wood components, fittings, accessories and assembly systems and fasteners used in wood construction, materials handling, finishing and protection of wood, wood products, home wooden doors, windows, stairs, paneling, flooring, packaging and other traditional and modern handicraft crafted from wood.

Opening hours

Daily (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) between the hours of 1000 - 1800

Saturday from 1000 - 1400