二月 2, 2016

Fimma – Maderalia

Fimma. 38ª Feria Internacional de Maquinaria y Herramientas para madera, furniture, carpintería y decoración
2 二月 — 二月 5, 2016
联系方式 09:30, 2 二月
电话 17:30, 5 二月
, 西班牙
Av. de las Ferias s/n - 46035, Feria Muestrario Internacional de Valencia
+96-386-13-12 – 608-360-024

Exhibition «FIMMA» and «Maderalia» has long combined expertise and experience in the exhibition the beachhead. «MADERALIA» - is an event where you can see the technique, as well as new materials and spare parts. Therefore, the exhibition «FIMMA» and «MADERALIA» - one of the most successful forums in Spain and is considered a leader in the list of events for the wood industry.