六月 24, 2016

Timber & Working With Wood

Timber & Working With Wood
24 六月 — 六月 26, 2016
联系方式 10:00, 24 六月
电话 18:00, 26 六月
Sydney, 澳大利亚
NSW 2127 Sydney, Australia, 8 Australia Avenue Sydney Olympic Park

Timber & Working With Wood is a 3 day event being held from 24th June to the 26th June 2016 at the Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia. This event showcases products like Woodturning tools, Polishing instruments, Power tools, Joinery equipments, Woodworking kits, Plans, Glues, Clamping devices, Laser instruments, Pyrography tools, Timbers, Furniture accessories, DIY tools, Artifacts, Renovation supplies, Restoration equipments etc. in the Furniture industry.