九月 29, 2015


29 九月 — 十月 2, 2015
联系方式 10:00, 29 九月
电话 18:00, 2 十月
Minsk, 白俄罗斯
Pobeditiley Ave., 20/2
+375 17 226 91 93

Exhibition Profile:

• Timber-harvesting works - machinery and equipment

Log-processing equipment and machinery, drying equipment

Transport facilities, packing, warehousing and logistics

• Woodworking and furniture production - machinery, equipment, instrument and technologies

Joinery and carpentry - machinery, instruments, tools and accessories

Paintwork materials, glues, fillings, chemicals for wood protection

Pulp-and-paper production


Technological process automation

• Finished articles - lumber, furniture articles; parquetry; transport packaging; plywood; veneer sheet; batten boards, wooden plastics; chipboards and fibber boards

• WOODEN HOUSE BUILDING - houses, bath-houses, timber arbors, beams, frame-houses, glued carpentry (incl. bridle systems, columns, wall panels) interior components (incl. floors, doors, windows, stairs), terraces, flooring, exterior paneling

Environmental protection, waste utilization and recycling

Labor protection. Fire safety. Work wear

• Research activities. Special literature. Education

BIOENERGY - International Specialized Salon

Equipment and technologies for different kind of bio-fuel production and incineration: solid wood fuel, bio-gaz and liquid fuel (bio-ethanol, bio-diesel), peat

Renewable energy sources, biomass, bioprocesses