Oktober 3, 2019

Mokkiten Japan

Mokkiten Japan is held every two years and is the largest woodworking machinery exhibition in Japan
3 Oktober — Oktober 6, 2019
Kontakte 10:00, 3 Oktober
Telefon 18:00, 6 Oktober
Nagoya, Japan
〒455-0848 Aichi, Port Messe Nagoya

Mokkiten Japan 2015 wood processing equipment exhibition was held in parallel with the exhibition of eco-technologies for wood raw materials wood EcoTec 2015. 147 leading manufacturers of woodworking equipment from Austria, Germany, Canada, Korea, Russia, Taiwan and Japan presented their expositions on the area of 7533 sq.m. For four days the exhibition was visited by 17,000 people, including 12,000 specialists of the timber industry.

Participants of the exhibition: Enterprises producing equipment for woodworking, sawmilling, veneer and plywood production, wood drying, boilers and wood waste, air aspiration and surface painting of products, production of chips and waste grinding, conveyor systems and machine mechanization, cutting tools, measuring instruments, software.

In addition, the exhibition is a platform for seminars and symposia, as well as presentations of scientific developments and research results in the field of processing and use of wood raw materials.

The exhibition attracts a large number of visitors, experts from various industries - harvesting and processing of wood, furniture and plastic production, construction, energy and environmental technology from Japan and other countries.