Laakirchen Papier AG commissions Voith with the rebuild of PM 11 at its Laakirchen site in Austria to convert it from graphic papers to containerboard.


Voith to rebuild Laakirchen Papier's PM 11 at Laakirchen site in Austria

Voith to rebuild Laakirchen Papier"s PM 11 at Laakirchen site in Austria

Image: Laakirchen Papier

Austrian paper manufacturer Laakirchen Papier AG has commissioned the leading full-line supplier Voith to implement the comprehensive rebuild of PM 11 at its Laakirchen site. The company, which is part of the Heinzel Group, is converting the plant from the production of graphic papers to containerboard. The planned start-up of the rebuilt production line is in the Q2 2024, increasing the production volume from 350,000 tons of SC papers to 500,000 tons of containerboard per year.

Voith supplies a highly efficient and tailor-made total package to Laakirchen Papier AG. A customer-specific stabilization and drying concept was developed so that high speeds can be produced even at low basis weights. In addition, the customer ordered a very comprehensive engineering package.

For future economical and sustainable production of corrugating medium and testliner, Voith is rebuilding the paper machine and two VariTop winders. At the same time, numerous components will be relocated and the web guiding system adapted to the new requirements. Special focus is being placed on optimizing the Tandem NipcoFlex press. To ensure against web breaks, the Voith experts are also adjusting the transition from the press to the dryer section. Furthermore, the technology company will supply a new SpeedSizer for sizing and a new energy-efficient after-dryer section. The necessary changes to the control system, including programming, will be carried out by installing Voith's efficient automation systems.

Laakirchen Papier AG, based in Laakirchen, Austria, and a member of the Heinzel Group, specializes in the production and further development of environmentally friendly publication papers and lightweight corrugated base papers based on recycled paper for the European market. 

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