September 8, 2021


International Exhibition of Equipment, Materials and Products of Logging, Woodworking Industry and Wooden Housing.
8 September — September 10, 2021
Start 10:00, 8 September
End 18:00, 10 September
Bratsk, Russia
253A, Baikalskaya St., Sibexpocentre
+7 3952 351888

Exhibition programme includes communication platforms on application of new technologies in timber processing complex, forests conservation and regeneration, product standardisation and certification. Conferences, round tables, seminars and presentations of new projects, technologies and equipment. Visit of the enterprises of timber processing complex of Irkutsk Region.

The exhibition gives forest enterprises, engineering and building companies, consumers of wood processing products a unique chance of experience exchange, establishment of cooperation, demonstration of their achievements and get an opportunity for technical re-equipment of industry.


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